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Cardiac Catheterization and Percutaneous Interventions. Edited by 1 Patrick Kay MBChB PhD

Cardiac Catheterization and Percutaneous Interventions. Edited by 1 Patrick Kay MBChB PhD"The results of coronary angioplasty in patients with single vessel disease arc sufficiently good to make the procedure acceptable for prospective randomised trials." So wrote Andreas Gruntzig in 1979, reporting the results of the first 50 patients treated with angioplasty. This paper represented the birth of one the major medical techniques of the 20* century.
Andreas Gruntzig pioneered and championed the new science of interventional cardiology. Since his time there has been a spiralling increase in technology and information. The transformation into an invasive or interventional cardiologist must account for these new technologies in a tactile and cognitive sense.
Drs Kay, Sabatc and Costa have created a book with both practical and scientific application, that will greatly assist the cardiologist. Chapters have been written by leading authors in their field and rising stars. I congratulate the editors on their execution of their assignment. At last we have a text that is truly useful to the growth of the interventional ist.

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Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization: A Clinical Approach. SECOND EDITION. EDITED BY David L. Hayes, md Guir.

Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization: A Clinical Approach. SECOND EDITION. EDITED BY David L. Hayes, md Guir. Division of Cirdiovasculл Diseases, MayoQinic Rochester.In preparing this edition of Cardiac Pacing, Defibrillation and Resynchronization: A Clinical Approach, our intention remained the same as for the previous edition, that is, to be a text that is uniformly written with sensible, matter-of-fact methods for understanding and caring for patients with permanent pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs), and, to a much greater extent in this edition, cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices. Once again, our intent was not to create an encyclopedic text. Instead, we want to provide practical clinical information for those involved in cardiac pacing, defibrillation and CRT. Several excellent multi-authored texts provide encyclopedic information.

Contributors, vii Preface, ix
1 Clinically Relevant Basics of Pacing and Defibrillation, 1
T. fared Bunch, David L. Hayes, Paul A. Friedman
2 Hemodynamics of Device Therapy, 43 David L. Hayes, Paul A. Friedman, Samuel}. Asirvatham
3 Indications for Pacemakers, ICDs and CRT, 82 ApoorS. Garni, David L Hayes, Paul A. Friedman
4 Generator and Lead Selection, 121
Samuel }. Asirvatham, David L Hayes, Paul A. Friedman
5 Implantation and Extraction Techniques, 144 David L. Hayes, Paul A. Friedman, Samuel}. Asirvatham
6 Implantation-related Complications, 202 David L. Hayes, Paul A. Friedman
7 Pacemaker and Cardiac Resynchronization Timing Cycles and Electrocardiography, 234
David L Hayes» Paull. Wangt Samuel}. Asirvatham, Paul A. Friedman

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Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation. Etienne Aliot Michel Haissaguerre Warren M. Jackman

Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation. Etienne Aliot Michel Haissaguerre Warren M. JackmanPart 1 Fundamental concepts of atrial fibrillation
1 Anatomy of the left atrium relevant to atrial fibrillation ablation, 3
Jose Angel Cabrera, Jeronimo Farre, Siew Yen Ho, Damian Sdnchez-Quintana
2 Mechanisms and significance of fractionated electrograms recorded during atrial fibrillation, 32
Sander Verheule, Els Tuyls, Natasja de Groot, Maurits Allessie
3 Computer simulation studies of atrial fibrillation, 43
Nathalie Virag, Lam Dang, Patrick Ruchat, Juerg Schlaepfer, Lukas Kappenberger
4 Experimental and theoretical insights into fundamental mechanisms of antiarrhythmic drug actions on atrial fibrillation: prospects for improved pharmacotherapy, 52 Stanley Nattel
5 Mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in animals and humans, 61
Omer Berenfeldy Jerome Kalifa, Jose Jalife
6 Three-dimensional images in catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, 75 Hsuan-Ming Tsaoy Mei-Han Wu, Shih-Ann Chen
7 Signal processing of fibrillatory electrograms, 85 Thomas H. Everett, IV, Jeffrey E. Olgin

Part 2 Practical approaches in atrial fibrillation
8 Emerging technologies in the treatment of atrial fibrillation, 105
Matthew Wright, Christian de Chillou, Etienne Alioty D. Wyn Davies
9 Techniques targeting the pulmonary veins, 117
Sabine Ernsty Feifan Ouyang, Matthias Antz, Julian К R. Chun, Dietmar Bansch, Karl-Heinz Ktick
10 Techniques of linear lesion for atrial fibrillation ablation, 124
Meleze Hocini, Kang TengLim, Prashanthan SanderSy Pierre Jais, MarkD. O'Neill, Yoshihide Takahashiy Anders Jdnsson, Seiichiro Matsuo, Sebastien Knecht, Leonardo Arantes, Jacques Clementy, Michel Haissaguerre
11 Ablation strategies in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, 136
IsabelDeisenhofer, Claus Schmitt
12 Ablation strategies in chronic atrial fibrillation, 163
MarkD. O'Neilly KangTengLim, Pierre Jais, Meleze Hocini, Yoshihide Takahashiy Anders j6nsson, FredericSacher, Prashanthan Sanders, Sathish Kodaliy Leonardo Arantes, Seiichiro Matsuoy Sebastien Knechty Thomas Rostocky Martin Rotter, Jacques Clementyy George J. Klein, Michel Haissaguerre

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Home Repair Handbook.

Home Repair Handbook.Most homeowners don't pay much attention to their roof until rain or melting snow starts to leakthrough it—then it demands immediate action. But if you periodically inspect your roof, you can correct minor problems before they become serious enough to cause damage.
Understanding the structure of your roof (see below) is the first step toward diagnosing possible problems. On the facing page, you'll find directions for inspecting your roof from the hside andoutside. ifyourinspectionin-dicates that repairs are necessary refer to pages 31-38.
CAUTION: Tile and slate roofs are extremely slippery, and the materials can break easily metal and plastic roofs also tend to be slippery, if your house has one of these out-of-the-ordinary roofs, it's best to leave inspection and repairs to a professional roofing contractor.

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John R. Hampton. The ECG. MADE EASY

John R. Hampton. The ECG. MADE EASYClinical diagnosis depends mainly on a patient's history, and to a lesser extent on the physical examination. The ECG can provide evidence to support a diagnosis, and in some
cases it is crucial for patient management. It is, however, important to see the ECG as a tool, and not as an end in itself.
The ECG is essential for the diagnosis, and therefore management, of abnormal cardiac rhythms. It helps with the diagnosis of the cause of chest pain, and the proper use of thrombolysis in treating myocardial infarction depends upon it. It can help with the diagnosis of the cause of breathlessness.
With practice, interpreting the ECG is a matter of pattern recognition. However, the ECG can be analysed from first principles if a few simple rules and basic facts are remembered. This chapter is about these rules and facts.
ECG stands for electrocardiogram, or electrocardiograph. In some countries, the abbreviation used is 'EKG'. Remember:
• By the time you have finished this book, you should be able to say 'The ECG is easy to understand'.
• Most abnormalities of the ECG are amenable to reason.

What the ECG is about?
What to expect from the ECG? 1
The electricity of the heart 2
The shape of the ECG 3
Recording an ECG 7
The shape of the QRS complex 12
How to report an ECG 22
ECG interpretation 23
Things to remember 28

John R. Hampton. The ECG. MADE EASY
Hampton, ECG, медицина, кардиология, pdf, экг, здоровье

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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Second Edition. Edited by Daniel J. Goldstein, md Mehmet C.

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Second Edition. Edited by Daniel J. Goldstein, md Mehmet C.From the earliest clinical experiences with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) for cardiac operations, it was apparent that significant morbidity and even mortality were associated with the CPB procedure itself (/). Often, only the contact of blood to the foreign material of the extracorporeal circuit was held responsible. However, cardiopulmonary bypass implies more than just connecting the circulation of the patient to an extracorporeal circuit, resulting in the material-dependent activation of blood. With cardiopulmonary bypass, a number o f other nonphysiological events are introduced, including hemodilu-tion, hypothermia, nonpulsatile blood flow, retransfusion of shed blood, and exclusion of the metabolic function of the lung resulting in material-independent activation. Together, these events cause the massive and systemic activation of the patient's defense mechanisms, with repercussions on nearly every end-organ system. Signs of this "whole-body inflammatory reaction" can be observed in every postoperativepatient.

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Windows Vista™" Secrets Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.Windows Vista™" Secrets

Еще... М. Мескерс Windows VistaWelcome to Windows Vista Secrets, the latest in the bestselling Windows Secrets series! We've rewritten this book from the ground up in response to this major release of Microsoft Windows. We hope you enjoy combing through this book as much as we enjoyed digging through Windows Vista to find these nuggets of valuable information. Web Sites Supporting the Book. For updates and new information, please visit these sites: http://WindowsSecrets.com/vista http://www.winsupersite.com/vista

Contents at a Glance
Read This First.
Part I: Surviving Setup
Chapter 1: Selecting the Right Vista Version.
Chapter 2: Installing and Upgrading to Windows Vista.
Chapter 3: Vista Compatibility.
Part II: Understanding the Windows Vista User Experience
Chapter 4: What's New in the Windows Vista User Interface.
Chapter 5: Where's My Stuff? Finding and Organizing Files.
Chapter 6: Using Windows Sidebar.
Chapter 7: Fonts.
Part III: Security
Chapters: Windows Vista Security Features.
Chapter 9: New User Account Features.
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
Chapter 10: Windows Media Player 11.
Chapter 11: Enjoying Digital Photos.,
Chapter 12: Making Movies and DVD Movies.
Chapter 13: Digital Media in the Living Room: Windows Media Center.
Chapter 14: Having Fun: Games and Vista.
Part V: Mobility
Chapter 15: Computing to Go: Windows Vista Mobility Features.
Chapter 16: New Tablet PC Features.,
Part VI: Internet and Networking
Chapter 17: Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer7.
Chapter 18: Windows Mail and Contacts.
Chapter 19: Using and Understanding Windows Live Services.
Part VII: Home Office/Power User
Chapter 20: Managing Your Schedule with Windows Calendar
Chapter 21: Keeping Your Data Safe.
Chapter 22: Microsoft PowerShell.
Appendix: Vista Symbols.

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Автомобильный справочник: Пер. с англ. — 2-е изд. перераб. и доп. — М.: ЗАО «КЖИ «За рулем», 2004. — 992 с: ил.

Автомобильный справочник: Пер. с англ. — 2-е изд. перераб. и доп. — М.: ЗАО «КЖИ «За рулем», 2004. — 992 с: ил.Создатель этого популярного пособия — фирма Bosch — является ведущим мировым производителем автомобильного электрооборудования и систем управления двигателем, которыми оснащаются автомобили практически всех марок. За шесть десятилетий справочник превратился из 96-страничной брошюры в энциклопедию автомобильных знаний объемом почти в тысячу страниц. Общий тираж книги в мире на сегодняшний день составляет более миллиона экземпляров.
Второе издание ставшего уже популярным в России автомобильного справочник известной фирмы Bosch содержит самые необходимые сведения по устройству современного автомобиля и его основных систем, автомобильным материалам, перевозкам, безопасности движения, а также по физике, химии, математике, метрологии и многим другим отраслям знаний, с которыми сталкиваются в своей практической деятельности инженеры-автомобилисты.
1-е изд. вышло в 1999 г.
2-е изд. дополнено сведениями о новых системах управления двигателя топливных элементах, круиз-контроле, системе CARTRONIC и др.
Издание предназначено для исследователей, инженеров, студентов вузов и техникумов, автомобилистов-профессионалов и любителей, всех, кому требуется быстро найти необходимую техническую информацию из разных областей знаний.

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Берлинер Э.М. Глазырина И.Б. Глазырин Б.Э. Microsoft Office 2003 — М.: ООО «Бином-Пресс». 2004 г. — 576 с: ил.

Берлинер Э.М. Глазырина И.Б. Глазырин Б.Э. Microsoft Office 2003 — М.: ООО «Бином-Пресс». 2004 г. — 576 с: ил.Microsoft Office — самый популярный комплект приложений для настольных компьютеров, контролирующий свыше 90% рынка офисных пакетов. Он является одним из лучших продуктов Microsoft и приносит корпорации от трети до половины годового дохода. Например, за последний квартал 2002 года продажа операционных систем принесла компании Microsoft 2,5 миллиарда долларов, продажа комплектов Office — 2,3 миллиарда. Рост продаж по позиции Office XP Professional за финансовый 2003 год в России и СНГ составил 86%.
Книги, написанные коллективом авторов под руководством профессора, доктора технических наук БерлинераЭ.М., посвященные операционной системе Microsoft Windows и многофункциональному пакету офисных приложений Microsoft Office, хорошо известны читателям компьютерной литературы. В каждой новой книге авторы стремятся учесть накопившийся опыт и подробнее рассмотреть основные возможности нового продукта.
В настоящей книге рассмотрены оптимальные способы решения повседневных задач, возникающих при профессиональной работе с пакетом Microsoft Office 2003.

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Бирюков Б.М. Водитель против ГАИ-ГИБДД. - М.: А-Приор, 2007. - 256 с.

Бирюков Б.М. Водитель против ГАИ-ГИБДД. - М.: А-Приор, 2007. - 256 с.В книге рассмотрены наиболее острые моменты противостояния водителей автомобилей и инспекторов ГАИ—ГИБДД по вопросам остановки автомобиля, нарушения правил дорожного движения, досмотра автомобиля, досмотра личных вещей и проведения личного досмотра водителя и пассажиров, задержания автомобиля и водителя.
Рассмотрены вопросы производства по делам об административных нарушениях (правонарушениях), порядок обжалования административных взысканий в вышестоящие организации, в прокуратуру и суды.
В приложении приведены основные нормативные правовые документе, определяющие права и обязанности участников дорожного движения, регламентирующие отношения водителей и сотрудников ГАИ-ГИБДД и порядок наложения взысканий за допущенные правонарушения; кроме того, образцы жалоб и исковых заявлений в суд.
Для всех водителей транспортных средств - профессионалов и любителей, а также сотрудников ГАИ—ГИБДД.

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